Firmhouse to Showcase Product Suite for Rapid Experimentation at Lean Startup Summit London

Firmhouse, the company that helps startups as well as large enterprises test new propositions and products, will be showcasing their boxed product suite, Innovation Toolbox, at Lean Startup Summit London. It enables innovation managers and intrapreneurs to discover new business models quickly and apply Lean Startup properly at scale without internal delays and obstacles. Firmhouse’s vision is for this toolbox to become the operating system of the future for large enterprises that want to stay competitive.


This product suite is the result of years of working with founders as well as corporate innovators to test ideas in the market. Firmhouse developed the Innovation Toolbox after having experienced firsthand the challenges innovation teams face when trying to run experiments within established companies. It allows teams to experiment without getting blocked at compliance, legal, and risk departments.


For example, it contains a landing page builder called Airstrip which enables teams to publish a landing page within minutes based on approved templates. The outcomes and metrics enable a team to assess whether their experiment is a success without any scrambling  to collect and format the data.


“We see that our attendees can benefit from a toolbox which helps them produce the right outcomes of their experiments. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Firmhouse”, says Melissa Moore, Co-founder of Lean Startup Co.


Firmhouse is sponsoring Lean Startup Summit London as the Lean Startup methodology is in the core of its product design. “We’ve laid the foundation of the Lean Startup movement in continental Europe and think this summit is the best platform to show other Lean Startup early adopters what we’ve learned.” says Robbert van Geldrop, partner at Firmhouse. The toolbox is also a great addition to the service offering of trusted advisors who help companies apply Lean Startup across their portfolio.


One of the customers Firmhouse has been working with is ING. Janne Zengerink, Global Lead Innovation Transformation Coach at ING, and Bob Jansen, founder of Firmhouse will be participating in a fireside chat on Thursday afternoon discussing the differences between Lean Startup in startups and corporates.


Tickets for Lean Startup Summit London are currently on sale for a limited time: The Spring Sale ends on May 31st. Please visit to get tickets.


About Firmhouse

Firmhouse builds healthy revenue-driven businesses, and helps others build their own. They have the manpower, the track record, and the mindset to help you uncover your next business proposition.


About Lean Startup Co

Lean Startup Company, founded by Eric Ries, Heather McGough and Melissa Moore, helps entrepreneurs and innovators build better products using the Lean Startup methodology and modern management techniques. We share educational ideas, stories, and lessons year-round with individuals and companies of all sizes and sectors.

About Firmhouse

We build healthy revenue-driven businesses, and help others build their own. We have the manpower, the track-record and the mindset to help you uncover your next business proposition.